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Christ's Love Letters
I am currently posting one love letter per week from His new book, Christ's Love Letters.  For Samples of this book please see
"Samples Of Christ's Love Letters"

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"Love is the greatest force in My Kingdom, and it is the only emotion on earth that is preserved in heaven and throughout Eternity."  
[Jesus Christ; August 7]

The following Love Letters are from our new book, "Christ's Love Letters" available at all Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobles, Smashwords etc. in softcover, Kindle, Nook and all androids, tablets, phones etc.

(Posted WEEKLY with lateset one first)

We are still posting each love letter daily (Mon-Fri)  from the book Christ's Love Letters (Vol 1) on my Facebook Page. I hope you will find the time to drop by :-)  Link to My Facebook Page:


Please follow this link and ENJOY all of August's Love Letters from the book Christ's Love Letters


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However, Christ's Love Letters can be purchased throughout the world on Amazon.com and most all retail stores on and off the internet)

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